Loh Mai Kai (Steamed Glutinous Chicken Rice)

Ready : 1 hr 10 mins [Prep : 30 mins † Cooking : 40mins † Not Inclusive Of Marinating Time]
Serve :  Individual Serving
Generic :  Saute/Steam
Level :  Moderately Tricky
Idle :  30 mins Printable Recipe.

Favorite Hawker’s Breakfast Delight

“Loh Mai Kai” (Steamed Glutinous Chicken Rice)
is usually served for breakfast (but these days, it is found everywhere in a normal coffee shop; so really, it has also become an afternoon tea-time favorite).

It really makes a lot of sense to have this for breakfast because Glutinous rice takes longer to digest thus has the ability to keep your tummy happy for a longer period of time, a dish to start with and fuel your day.

It is usually topped with a small piece of succulent chicken, mushrooms and Chinese sausages. Here’s The Viand’s take on Loh Mai Kai (Steamed Glutinous Chicken Rice).




  • Cooked Glutinous rice.
    Chicken – chopped to bite size.
    Mushrooms – soak overnite and destemmed.
    Chinese sausages – Steam cooked, with skin detached and slice.
    Slice Shallots.


  • Oyster sauce, Dark/Light Soy, Sesame oil, Shaoxing wine, Ginger strips, chopped Garlic, Salt, Sugar and White Pepper. All to taste. ** Note : Just dash of everything, if U prefer a stronger intensity of an ingredient flavor, simply add a little extra of that ingredient/spice – no rocket scientific measurement here. Always taste your Seasoning !!!



  • Step 1 : Start by marinating the Chicken with all the Marinating Ingredients – for at least a couple of hrs.
  • Step 2 : Saute the Chicken marinated with some chopped Garlic till aromatic. Add water (just abt cover the Chicken), bring to boil. Turn the heat down to low and simmer for abt 5 mins or till sauce thicken. Set aside.
  • Step 3 : Saute sliced Shallots till aromatic and Golden-brown with lots of oil. Set aside.
  • Step 4 : Steam the Sausages – Lightly score the surface of the Chinese Sausages with a sharp knife (this will create an opening for U to get the outer membrane off). Simply tear outer membrane off. The membrane can be tough. Thinly slice the Sausages. Set aside.
  • Step 5 : Mix the cooked Glutinous rice thoroughly with a little Dark Soy (for coloring), Shallots oil, Salt and Sugar (U do need quite a bit to flavor the Glutinous) to taste. Set aside.
  • Step 6 : Place the Chicken, Mushroom (flat side up) and Sausage at the bottom of a whatever container U fancy. Cover with Glutinous rice, firmly pressed. Steam for about 30 mins or more – depending on how well-cooked the Ingredients are and ur preference of the softness of the Glutinous rice.
    Let it rest for a while b4 serving, give a chance for the oil to settle. To serve, simply topple the bow over a plate. Viola !!! Delicious steamy sumptuous “Loh Mai Kai” is ready.
    Do extra if U like, cos U can easily fridge it and re-steamed it b4 serving. Taste just as good, if not better !! Simply seal up the extras (after cooling down) with aluminum foil and U can fridge it for a few days. Simply re-steam and serve.

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