Steamed Tung Choy Minced Pork

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Reminiscence Of A Delicious Childhood Pork Dish

Ready : 30 mins [Prep : 15 mins † Cooking : 15mins] Printable Recipe


This is a dish that The VianD grew up eating. With the parents out very early in the morning for work, this dish was simply steamed in the Rice-cooker and left for us (the kids to consume later in the day). Now, here’s the thing, this dish can sit in the Rice-cooker forever (in warm mode) without losing any of its deliciousness and freshness, so it is perfect for us, the kids to have our lunch anytime we want. However, we – the kids quickly found out that, the gravy/sauce of this dish, when mixed with plain rice, is absolutely delicious and appetizing. So, among us – the siblings, the early bird will get the best of the gravy and often enough will take every last drop of it.. 😁. To trick the next person who will definitely look for the gravy/sauce, we simply replenished the dish with lots of Light soy and within a short period of time, the warm in Rice-cooker will magically, infused/defused the sauce and viola, U have the dish back in full-submersion of delicious sauce again..😂. Smart, eh ??? Oook, enough of story telling…

“Steamed Tung Choy Minced Pork” is an extremely versatile, simple and delicious dish that goes really well with just plain white rice or rice porridge. These days, there are countless varieties of this dish; from adding Dried Cuttlefish, Salted Fish to Salted Eggs. Really, it all depend on what you want to pair with the pork. Here’s The Viand’s version of Steamed Tung Choy Minced Pork; the classic version which has just “Tung Choy” (preserved vegetables) – steamed in a rustic stainless steel plate, as was in the olden days..😋.



  • Minced Pork-belly – it has to be Pork belly, lean meat texture is just too rough! Believe me, if the pork is minced properly you won’t mind the fat.
  • The all important “Tung Choy”. Soak for just a min or two, wash, rinse and squeeze dry. Slice into smaller pieces if they are too big and discard the hard-steam if any.


  • Light Soy, Salt, Sugar, Cornstarch, White Pepper, Sesame Oil and Oyster Sauce. All to taste. ** Note : Just dash of everything, if U prefer a stronger intensity of an ingredient flavor, simply add a little extra of that ingredient/spice – no rocket scientific measurement here. Always taste your Seasoning !!!


  • Step 1 : Preparing the minced meat – Start by slicing the Pork-belly for easy handling. Using a Cleaver, start chopping, chop, chop, chop and chop again to mince..😂. Machine pre-minced pork is definitely a big NO NO !!! 😦
  • When almost ready add Tung Choy and a little Corn flour. Mince again till the pork kinda turn sticky and can be rounded up easily with the Cleaver without falling apart, then U r done with the mincing.
  • Step 2 : Lay the minced the Pork in slightly deepen plate. Add in all the Seasoning Ingredients and mix really well. Smoother out the Pork. On hight heat, steam for about 15-20 mins or till the pork kinda floats up swimming in the sauce generated. Off heat and let it sit for abt 5-10 mins, this will allow the sauce to be reabsorbed back into the minced meat. Viola, ur plate of delicious “Steamed Tung Choy Minced Pork” is ready to be served hot.

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