Braised Chicken with Mushrooms

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Ready : 55 mins [Prep : 10 mins † Cooking : 45 mins † Excluding Soaking Time]
Serve :  4 with other dishes
Generic :  Boil/StirFry
Level :  Easy
Idle :  35 mins Printable Recipe.

Delicious Umami Mushroom Tender Chicken

“Braised Chicken with Mushrooms” is a typical northern China dish. It is a classic Chinese dish and every Chinese household probably knows how to cook it and with a twist too, making endless versions of the dish. The recipe originally called for a whole free range chicken, to be braised with dried mushrooms in a soy-sauce-based savory sauce. The chicken becomes flavorful and tender, but the mushrooms are the real highlight. They are so meaty in texture and absorb tons of flavor from the chicken. Here’s The Viand’s take on Braised Chicken with Mushrooms.




  • Chicken Thigh, chopped to bite size.


  • Soaked dried shiitake mushrooms (de-stemmed), Anise, Cinnamon stick, Cardamom seed, lots of sliced Ginger. For some coloring, sliced Red chilies, red carrots and Scallion.


  • Shaoxing wine, Salt, Sugar, white Pepper, Sesame oil, Oyster sauce, Dark Soy. All to taste. ** Note : Just dash of everything, if U prefer a stronger intensity of an ingredient flavor, simply add a little extra of that ingredient/spice – no rocket scientific measurement here. Always taste your Seasoning !!!



  • Step 1 : Start by boiling the Mushroom in high heat with a couple of slices of Ginger, till soften – abt 20 mins. This step is optional, U can simply add the Mushroom together with the chicken but this extra step will get the mushroom smooth and tender soft. U can also do this in advance.
    Here is the way to soak the Mushrooms. First, soak the Dried Shiitake Mushrooms for abt 30 mins. Then, gently squeeze and clean the mushrooms and discard the water. Re-soak overnite. Keep the water this time and use it for the braising process. Cut off the Stem but don’t discard them, braise it together with the chicken, it’s pack with Mushroom’s flavor.
  • Step 2 : While the Mushrooms is boiling, saute the sliced Ginger, finely chopped Garlic, Anise, Cinnamon stick and Cardamom seed till aromatic. Add in the Chicken. Mix well and saute for a few minutes till the meat turn kinda whitish (not cook).
  • Step 3 : Add in the Mushroom together with the sauce. Top up with water just about covering the meat. Bring to boil and then turn the heat down to medium and simmer – for abt 15 mins or till sauce thicken. U can add a little cornstarch mixture to thicken the sauce.
    Add the Seasoning Ingredients and ur delicious “Braised Chicken with Mushrooms” is ready to be served hot.

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