American Big Breakfast

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Ready : 40 mins [Prep : 5 mins † Cooking : 35 mins]
Serve :  Individual Serving
Generic :  Bake/Fry
Level :  Easy
Idle :  NonePrintable Recipe.

American Breakfast With Eggs Done With A Tweak

What can you say about “American Breakfast” ?? Well, it is a breakfast that includes most or all of the following: two eggs (fried, scrambled or poached), sliced bacon or sausages, sliced bread or toast with jam/jelly/butter, pancakes with syrup, cornflakes or other cereal, coffee/tea, orange/grapefruit juice. Anyway, here’s The Viand’s version of American Big Breakfast – with the Eggs done in three different ways, the traditional ‘Sunny Side Up, Scrambled and a unique Bacon-wrapped Eggs’.




  • Smoked Honey Sliced Ham (whatever kind U fancy), Smoked Bacon Strips, Eggs, Sausages (whatever kind U fancy), Bun or any Bread slice and any kind of Sliced Cheese.


  • Muffin or Cupcake baking-pan – for preparing the “Bacon-wrapped Eggs”.



  • Step 1 : Start by Pan-saute the Bacon (or U can bake them in an Oven). How crispy or caramelized/burned is individual preference – generally abt 10 mins. Transfer to paper-towel to drain excess oil.  Keep the oil rendered out from the Bacon for ur other cooking – pack with flavors. Set aside.
    If U are doing the “Bacon-wrapped Eggs”, U’ll need a batch of Bacon (one strip for each Egg) that is just slightly sauteed (where U can still bend and shape them into the Muffin Hole.
    After finished with the Bacon, there’ll be lots of fat residue left on the Pan. Don’t wash this away (set this aside), use the same Pan to lightly toast ur Buns or Bread slices. Give U lots of flavors.

  • Step 2 : Preparing the “Bacon-wrapped Eggs” – Oil the Muffin-holes. Simply align the slightly sauteed Bacon slices alongside the Muffin-holes. Then, Crack the Eggs directly into the Muffin holes.

  • Step 3 : Baking the “Bacon-wrapped Eggs” and Sausages together – Place the Muffin-Pan on one side of a baking tray. Lay the other side of the tray with Aluminium foil (simply for easy cleaning – catching any dripping oil). Place a metal rack on the foil.
    Lightly score the Sausages. Place the Sausages (lightly coated with some Bacon’s oil) on the metal rack.
    Pop the tray into a pre-heated oven @ 180C for about 10 mins or Egg-white starts to harden. U may need to remove the Sausages first b4 it gets burn as the Eggs take a longer time to bake.

  • Step 4 : Meanwhile, quartered a few pieces of sliced cheese. When the Egg-white starts to harden, remove from the Oven and lay the quartered sliced cheese over the Eggs. Pop the tray back into the Oven and bake till Cheese melt, or if U prefer, slightly burned on top – abt 5 mins.
    To get the Eggs out of the Muffin-holes, simply run a knife alongside the hole and then gently scoop the Eggs up using a spoon.

  • Step 5 : Meanwhile, slice a clove of garlic into half. Rub the Garlic over the surface of the Buns or sliced Bread. Drizzle some Olive oil on the Buns, spread it all over. Heat up the Pan was used to saute the Bacon. Lightly toasted the Buns/sliced Bread. This will be ur Garlic Buns/Bread. Alternatively, U can bake them in the Oven.

  • Step 6 : After toasting the Buns, add a little bacon oil that was saved up, to the same pan and lightly saute the Ham.
    And if U are frying “Sunny-side up Eggs”, it should look something like this.

  • Step 7 : For Scambled Eggs, whisk the Egg vigorously with some milk (or fresh cream). Melt a small block of Butter in a non-stick Pan on a low/medium heat (very Important, be patience). Pour the Egg into the pan and let the Egg bottom firmed up slightly, use a fork to gently pull the Eggs back and tilt the Pan to allow the un-cook Eggs to flow to empty space. Keep do this till the Egg is cook to ur preference, it should not be overdone, it should be kinda runny, fluffy and layered. Do NOT scramble the Eggs else U’ll get Egg Pebbles.  Season with a pinch of Salt and freshly grounded Black Pepper.

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