Chinese BBQ Spare Ribs

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Ready : 1 hr 30 mins [Prep : 15 mins † Cooking : 1 hr 15 mins † Exclusive Marinating Time]
Serve :  4 with other dishes (or U can serve as Entree)
Generic :  Steam/Bake
Level :  Easy
Idle :  1 hr 15 mins Printable Recipe.

Asian Flavoured Falling Off The Bone Ribs

Barbecue (also know as barbecue, BBQ and barby/barbies) is as much a cooking method as a cooking apparatus or a social gathering. While there are many variations and overlap in terminologies and methods surrounding this form of cooking, it is generally accepted that barbecuing is done slowly over a low indirect heat and the meat is flavored by the smoking process (grilling meat over direct heat as we are all accustomed to as BBQ; is grilling, not barbecuing !). It is generally believed that BBQ is the earliest form of meat preserving method and modern day Barbecue; is an evolution of this process. Btw, contrary to popular belief, Barbecue was not an American invention. The actual origin of barbecue comes from the Taino Indians of the Caribbean islands where the natives smoked their meat on wooden sticks over an open pit for preservation. Here’s The VianD’s version of Chinese BBQ Spare Ribs”; done in a more conventional way of oven-baked and infused with Asian flavors (nothing like your everyday Gwai Lo BBQ Ribs).




  • 12 individual Pork Spare Ribs – trimmed off excess fat and back-membrane, cut to about 3 inches long.


  • Scallion, Parsley and Dried Chilli – roughly diced.
  • Ginger and Garlic – finely chopped.
  • Hoisin sauce, Oyster sauce, Honey and (not in picture) – Sesame oil, Shaoxing wine, Worcestershire sauce.
  • Five-spice powder, Salt, Brown sugar, White pepper, one Star anise, a stick of Cinnamon.

** Note : Just a dash/pinch of everything, if U prefer a stronger intensity of an ingredient flavor, simply add a little extra of that ingredient/spice – no rocket scientific measurement here. Always taste your Seasoning !!!


  • Ginger (smashed/sliced) and Scallion –  cut to abt 3 inches long.
  • Salt and coarsely grounded black pepper for the Ribs (seasoned before steaming).


  • Reduction of the “left-over Marinating sauce”, to be applied during the baking process.  See Step 8 on how to prepare.



The steaming process is really optional, U can simply marinate the Ribs raw but steaming it will help tender the meat and shorten the baking time. U decide…

  • Step 1 : Put the steaming ingredients in a large, deep plate/pan. Place a rack over it. U need the Pan to catch the juice produced from the steaming.
  • Step 3 : Nicely steamed Ribs after 30 minutes. Set aside to let the Ribs cool down to room temperature.
  • Step 4 : Quite a bit of juice will be produced after steaming. Mix all the Marinating Ingredients with the juice to form the base of the Marinating sauce.
  • Step 5 : Mix the Ribs with the Marinating sauce and marinate overnight. If the sauce does not cover the Ribs, flip the Ribs every few hrs or so to ensure even marinating.
  • Step 6 : This is how the Ribs look like after a night of marinating. Leave aside to regain room temperature. (take out from the fridge for at least 90 mins b4 baking).
  • Step 7 : Transfer and place Ribs over a rack (bone-side down). Keep the Marinating sauce (set aside). Make sure that no marinating ingredients are sticking to the Ribs (cos they will burn during the baking process).
    Make sure U have a large enough pan underneath to catch the dripping oil/sauce. Cover the Ribs with Aluminium foil and pop into a preheated oven @ 180C for 30-45 minutes (depending on the size of the Ribs).
  • Step 8 :  Meanwhile, discard the Star anise and Cinnamon stick from the left-over Marinating sauce. Blend and sieve it to get a smooth puree.
    Transfer to a pan over medium heat and render it down to a slightly thick sticky syrup. At this point, U can add further flavors if U so fancy. Use this sticky syrup to coat/brush the Ribs a couple of times during the whole baking process.
  • Step 9 : After 30-45 minutes, remove the Aluminium foil cover and coat/brush the Ribs. Turn the oven to broil mode and grill for another about 5-10 mins (depending on how charred U want the Ribs to be).
    When the Ribs are done, let it rest for abt 10-15 mins. Just before serving, coat/brush the Ribs one last time, this will give the Ribs a sticky shining appetizing look.

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    Try this, absolutely delicious !!!


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