Mee Hailam

 Savoury Noodles With Rich Flavourful Gravy
Ready : 20 mins Generic : StriFry Difficulty : Easy
[ Prep : 15 mins † Cooking : 5 mins ] Printable Recipe

Hainanese immigrants have long build a reputation as skillful Coffee Brewers and great Cooks ever since landing on Malaysian soil over half-a-century ago. Stories have it, that most Hainanese worked as cooks in British military camps and in the homes of British expatriates and wealthy Chinese, where they learned and acquired their culinary skills and thus the birth of – what is termed as the Malaysian Hainanese Cuisine. That’s why, in the olden days, most Coffee Shops/Restaurants were run by Hainanese which uniquely served up most delicious cheap localized Western dishes such as crispy Chop, Steak, Pot Pies and Roasts.

And then there is their iconic Breakfast set – Soft/Half-boiled Eggs with Steamed or Charcoal-toasted Soft White Bread, served with a spread of Butter and Kaya” – a rich caramel-ish coconut milk-and-egg ‘jam’. A cup of authentic Malaysian Hainanese Kopi” (Coffee) – a thick, concentrated dark coffee, mixed with sweetened condensed milk, complete the set.

Ofcos, there are also dishes of Chinese origin. One of Malaysian Hainanese’s world-famous dish is Hainanese Chicken Rice. Similar to the renowned Chicken Rice, this recipe of the “Mee Hailam”, was not brought over from the southern island of China but was invented locally after their arrival, even though it may have been inspired by some authentic Hainanese dish. Surprisingly, this Noodles dish is actually more well known to the local Malays than the Chinese and is more readily available at most Muslim eating establishments (which explain why it carry a Malay name – Mee Hailam rather than Hailam Mee 😄). Mee Hailam” is basically stir-fried yellow noodles served in rich thick gravy with chicken, prawns or beef and vegetables.

This is really a very simple Noodles dish but packed with a flavorful sauce and easy to cook. Check out The VianD’s version of  “Mee Hailam”.

Ready : 20 mins Generic : StirFry Difficulty : Easy
[ Prep : 15 mins † Cooking : 5 mins ] Printable Recipe


Noodles :

 Well-loosen (to individual strand) room-temperature Yellow mee.

 Sliced Lean Pork, Prawn and some sliced Fishcake. Frankly, any Proteins U fancy.

The original recipe, as far as The VianD can tell, only has green vegetables. Here, The VianD add in some Beansprout (for some crunch), sliced Onion (for sweetness), few pieces of sliced Ginger, red Chilli, red Carrot and a few Chilli Padi (Bird-eye chili) – for some heat.

 Optional – Fried Eggs.

Seasoning :

Black soy, Light soy, Oyster sauce, Salt, Sugar, White Pepper and a touch of Sesame oil. All to taste.

** Note : Just a dash/pinch of everything, if U prefer a stronger intensity of an ingredient/spice flavor, simply add a little extra of that ingredient/spice – no rocket scientific measurement here. Always taste your Seasoning !!! The trick is NOT the exact measurement, the trick is “to taste the Seasoning” and get ur preference balance of flavors !!!



 On medium heat, start by sauteing the sliced Ginger, Chilli Padi and some finely chopped Garlic till aromatic. Then add the sliced Onion, red Carrot and all the meat. Saute till aromatic. Add water (this will be your gravy). Add the Seasoning Ingredients. Bring to boil, turn down heat and let it simmer a little.


Add the Green and the Noodles. Turn up the heat and bring to boil again. Mix well. Lastly, add Bean sprout and sliced red chili. Stir and mix well.

STEP 3 : 

Give it a taste and adjust accordingly and viola, ur plate of delicious “Mee Hailam” is ready to be served hot.

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