Steamed Chicken Wings

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Ready : 40 mins  [Prep : 10 mins † Cooking : 30 mins † Not Including Of Marinating time]
Serve :  4 with other dishes
Generic :  Steam
Level :  More Than Easy
Idle :  30 mins Printable Recipe.

Delicious Tender and Succulent Chicken Wings

This is basically “Steamed Chicken” but with Chicken Wings – which is the most tender and succulent part of the Chicken. The VianD has earlier posted a version with Chicken Thigh, “JING KAI (STEAMED CHICKEN)” (click for recipe). Plain and simple, yet absolutely delicious, this is a dish of tender and succulent Chicken Wings that comes with lots of light savory gravy. Here’s The Viand’s version of, Steamed Chicken Wings.




  • Chicken Wings – with the tips removed and halved into drummettes and wings.


  • Ginger strips, Chopped Garlic, Yok Chok (Solomon’s Seal Rhizome), Kei Chi (Wolfberry) – both soaked in hot water. Dong Quai bits (Angelica Sinensis) and a little Cornstarch (just for the smooth texture).


  • Light soy, Oyster sauce, Sugar, Salt, White Pepper. A touch of Sesame oil and Shaoxing wine. All to taste.
    ** Note : Just dash of everything, if U prefer a stronger intensity of an ingredient flavor, simply add a little extra of that ingredient/spice/sauce – no rocket scientific measurement here. Always taste your Seasoning !!!



  • Step 1 : Chicken Wings – with the tips removed and halved into drummettes and wings. Trimmed-off excess fat.
  • Step 2 : Marinate the Wings with the Side and Seasoning Ingredients for at least 3-4 hrs.
  • Step 3 : Arrange the Wings – with the Yok Chok (Solomon’s Seal Rhizome) underneath in a large relatively deep plate. Steam on high heat for abt 30-mins – depending on the heat and the size of the Wings.
  • Step 4 : After 30-mins, ur plate of savory succulent “Steamed Chicken Wings” is ready. Serve hot.

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