Oven Baked Curry Masala Chicken Wings

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Ready : 40 mins [Prep : 10 mins † Cooking : 30 mins † Not Inclusive Of Marinating Time]
Serve :  4 with other dishes
Generic :  Bake
Level :  Easy
Idle :  30 mins Printable Recipe.

Aromatic Curry Masala Flavored Wings

This is really just BBQ Chicken Wings flavored with Curry Masala. Curry Masala is simply a spice mix of widely varying composition based on South Asian cuisine and is easily available in almost any grocery stores. These days, with eatery establishments trying all sort of way to capture customers and cater for the ever demanding gustation, it is no surprise that Curry Masala has long been used as flavor ingredients; especially with BBQ and oven-baked/grilled finger food. So, there should be a number of versions of this dish out there – given its simplicity in preparation. Here’s The Viand’s take on Oven Baked Curry Masala Chicken Wings.




  • Chicken Wings – with the tips removed and halved into drummettes and wings.
    Finely chopped Parsley.


  • Curry Masala (Curry powder), Chilli powder, Sugar and Salt. Optional – a touch of Oyster sauce and a dash of Garlic powder. All to taste. ** Note : Just dash of everything, if U prefer a stronger intensity of an ingredient flavor, simply add a little extra of that ingredient/spice – no rocket scientific measurement here. Always taste your Seasoning !!!



  • Step 1 : Start by marinating the Chicken Wings with all the Marinating Ingredients – for at least a couple of hrs.
  • Step 2 : Arrange the Chicken Wings over a baking rack, with a tray underneath to catch excess falling oil. Make sure the Wings are at room temperature (out of the Fridge for abt an hr).
    Pop into a pre-heated Oven @ 180c for abt 30 mins – 15 mins on each side – depending on the size of the Wings and the oven heat.
    If u wanna have a little char on the Wings, simply set the Oven to Grill mode and let go for a minute or two.
  • Step 3 : Let it set for abt 15 mins b4 plating. Plate, garnish with the chopped Parsley and Viola !..,  Ur tray of aromatic delicious “Oven Baked Curry Masala Chicken Wings” is ready to be served.

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