Simple Plain Loh Mai Fun (Glutinous/Sticky rice)

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Ready : 50  mins [Prep : 5 mins † Cooking : 45 mins † Not Inclusive of Soaking/BBQ pork Time]
Serve : Individual Serving
Generic : Steam/Saute
Level : Easy
Idle : 30-40 mins Printable Recipe.

A Nostalgia Delicious Plate of Glutinous Rice

This is an attempt to re-create a simple humble plate of plain “Loh Mai Fun” (Glutinous/Sticky Rice) tat The VianD grew up snacking in a modest little town named Sungai Siput. This little stall (operated by a pair of twin sisters whom we simply referred to “Mah Jie”) sells all kind of simple home-cooked goodies and one of such goodies is plain “Loh Mai Fun” – top with a few pieces of succulent “Char Siew” (BBQ pork), a spoonful of shredded “Dried Cuttlefish Sambal”, garnished with a pinch of “Crispy Glass noodle” and sliced “Scallion” and lastly, drizzle with “Char Siew Oil”. If not mistaken, this was also served in another way with a slap of “Kaya” (Coconut Jam), which makes it sweet, thus a form of dessert. This simple plate of humble Rice was heavenly to many of us… LoL (well, at least to The VianD). So, here we go, The Viand’s take on “Simple Plain Loh Mai Fun (Glutinous/Sticky rice)”.




  • Steamed/cooked Glutinous rice.
  • Sambal – A handful of soaked shredded Dried Cuttlefish. Finely chopped Garlic, sliced Shallot and Onion. One/Two spoonful of Chili Boh (dried chili paste).
  • Char Siew (BBQ pork) – refer to
  • Garnish – Crispy Glass noodle and sliced scallion.


  • Salt, Sugar and a touch of Oyster sauce. All to taste. ** Note : Just dash/pinch of everything, if U prefer a stronger intensity of an ingredient flavor, simply add a little extra of that ingredient/spice – no rocket scientific measurement here. Always taste your Seasoning !!!



  • Step 1 : Start by soaking the Glutinous rice for at least 4 hrs (over-nite better). Drain the soaked rice and transfer into a steamer basket. Make sure the rice doesn’t dip down into the water. Sprinkle some salt-water over the Rice for some flavor. Steam on high heat for 30-40 mins (chk for desired softness). Stir the rice occasionally to ensure even cooking. When done, keep warm by leaving the rice in the steamer.
  • Step 2 : Crispy Glass Noodles – Meanwhile, heat up a generous amount of oil till smoking hot, turn heat to low. Loosen the Glass Noodles (Tung Fun) and deep-fry till everything flowered up and turned fluffy crispy (be quick). Dish out and place on some Kitchen tissue to soak up excess oil. Gently crashed the deep-fried Tung Fun (not too much), for garnishing. Set aside.
  • Step 3 : Sambal – Using the same oil, add all the Sambal Ingredients except soaked Dried Shredded Cuttlefish and saute on low heat till Onion soften and aromatic. Add a bit of water and the Cuttlefish, mix well and simmer for a couple mins. Add all the Seasoning Ingredients and the Sambal is done.
  • Step 4 : Sliced the Char Siew thinly. Plate the Glutinous Rice with a spoonful of the Sambal, a few pieces of Char Siew. Garnish with Crispy Glass Noodles and sliced Scallion. Drizzle with the oil generated from roasting the Char Siew and viola, ur plate of humble delicious “Simple Plain Loh Mai Fun (Glutinous/Sticky rice)” is ready to be served warm.

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