Scallion/Ginger Oil Wonton Mee (The Flat Wider Version)

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Wonton Mee with a Tweak

Ready : 1 hr 05 mins [Prep : 5 mins † Cooking : 35 mins] Printable Recipe


This is basically “Wonton Mee”, top with the impeccable Scallion/Ginger Oil. This aromatic flavorful condiment oil modestly heightens the flavors of a humble plate of Wonton Mee to another gastronomic level. While this Cantonese noodle dish which is popular in Guangzhou, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand is traditionally served mix with light/dark soy, The VianD tot, the aromatic Scallion/Ginger should do wonders…, in term of flavoring the dish. It’s clean and yet sooo very aromatic and delicious, try it and U’ll see *smile*. Here’s the The VianD’s take on Scallion/Ginger Oil  Wonton Mee (The Flat Wider Version).



  • Wonton Mee (in this case, it’s the flat wider version) – U can really use any Egg noodles.  Optional – Pork Wonton.
  • The all important – lots of finely striped Scallion, Ginger and finely chopped Garlic.



“The preparing method is basically the same as Wonton Mee. The Viand have posted two versions of this and here are the link; Dry Wonton Mee (The Flat Wider Version) and Dry Wonton Mee. U should be able to get all the cooking instructions at those two postings. Here, The VianD will just illustrate the method of preparing the Scallion/Ginger/Garlic oil.”

  • Step 1 : Start by heating a considerable amount of oil. Saute the Ginger and Garlic till aromatic and slightly golden brown in low/medium heat. Turn off the heat, add the striped Scallion, add a pinch of Salt and let it sit and sizzle for a few mins, just to draw the flavors out. Set aside.
  • Step 2 : Meanwhile, prepare the Wonton Mee as illustrated by the above two links. Important – use less dark soy and maybe omit the Sesame oil completely, as these two will/may overpower the delicate aroma and flavors of the Scallion/Ginger/Garlic oil.
  • Step 3 : When the noodles are ready, simply add some of the prepared oil and U r ready to go. Serve together with the Pork Wonton soup. Serve warm.

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