Stir-Fried Choy Sum ( 菜心)

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Simple Crunchy Healthy Delicious Choy Sum

Ready : 10  mins [Prep : 5 mins † Cooking : 5 mins] Printable Recipe


Another quickie Veggie dish for an everyday meal, “Stir-Fried Choy Sum ( 菜心)“. Choy Sum is native to China and is one of the most popular vegetables among the Chinese. The flowering shoots and younger leaves of Choy Sum are often stir-fried or blanched/steamed – top with Garlic/Shallot oil or Oyster sauce and is referred by the Chinese as Yau Choy (literally mean Oil Veggies). Rich in Carotene (pro-vitamin A), Calcium, Potassium and Folic acid plus provide plenty dietary fiber. It is remarkably sweet, with a hint of wonderful bitterness. This trick in preparing this wonderful dish is to quick stir-fry until they are just past ‘al dente’ to retain their inherent vitality, bright-green hue and beautifully fresh, slightly crunchy texture – to overcook Chinese greens is a sin *😱*!



  • A bunch of Choy Sum, soaked in water thoroughly clean.
  • Lots of minced Garlic. Optional –  a few slice red Carrot and Ginger, this is more for garnishing.


  • Sugar, Salt, a touch of Oyster sauce and a dash of Shaoxing wine. All to taste. ** Note : Just dash/pinch of everything, if U prefer a stronger intensity of an ingredient flavor, simply add a little extra of that ingredient/spice – no rocket scientific measurement here. Always taste your Seasoning !!!


  • Step 1 : Start by sautéing the sliced Ginger, sliced red Carrot and Garlic till aromatic on medium/low heat. Crank up the heat, add Choy Sum, stir and mix well. Add a tiny splash of water just to create some steam to cook the Choy Sum. A few more good stirs (DO NOT overcook), add all the Seasoning Ingredient and viola, Ur plate of crunchy healthy “Stir-Fried Choy Sum ( 菜心)” is ready to be served hot.

  • ** Tip ** : Always add the Shaoxing wine just before plating. Swirl the Shaoxing wine in a thin stream around/along the side of the wok. This way, the heat will burn off the alcohol leaving behind a wonderful aromatic fragrance.

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