Classic Double-Boiled Pure Chicken Essence (炖鸡精)

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Aromatic Nourishing Pure Chicken Essence

Ready : 3-4 hrs Generic : DoubleBoil Difficulty : Tedious
Prep : 30 mins † Cooking : 3-4 hrs ] Printable Recipe


Chicken essence is the extract of juice from a smashed-up whole Chicken (flesh and bones everything together). The Chinese do the extraction by an ingenious way of double-boiling the Chicken (Chicken alone, no any form of liquid) for long hours. The extract contains highly nutritious active components like Protein, Peptides and Amino acids and much more. It’s also widely known to relieve fatigue, increase metabolism and promote healing. The consumption of Chicken essence has long been used as a traditional health remedy in Asian countries (especially the Chinese), due to its richness in the antioxidants Anserine and Carnosine. Enough of the goodies – am sure Y’all get the drift..basically, it’s good for U – for all ages !!! 😇. Btw, the French have their own version of Chicken Essence too, but call it Double Chicken Consommé and prepared rather differently.

Here’s The Viand’s take on, “Classic Double-Boiled Pure Chicken Essence (炖鸡精)“. Frankly, the Chicken essence that U get at the end, should basically be the same, from one to another – which is a precious bowl golden yellow concentrated  Chicken soup. This is because, if there is a dish that stays truth to one-and-only-one traditional recipe, it has to be this dish !!! Only one Ingredient – good quality Chicken !!! Even though, occasionally, a small amount of certain Chinese herbs are added. Here is an earlier post of Double-Boiled Pure Chicken Essence (炖鸡精)” with added Goji berries and Red Dates – click for recipe. Btw…, this taste absolutely nothing like Brand’s Essence of Chicken (pssst.., was told – the benefits of one bowl of this traditional Chicken Essence is 10x more than a bottle of Brand’s… Hmmm.., The VianD might get sued for this ! 😆.



  • One medium size Kampung Chicken – thoroughly clean and chopped into smaller pieces for easier handling.


  • 1 – Porcelain rice bowl.
  • 2 – Porcelain Plate.
  • 3 – Large Porcelain Pot/bowl with lid.
  • 4 – Steaming-rack.
  • 5 – A large Stock/Soup Pot with lid.


  • Just a pinch of Salt to taste (or none at all, if U are preparing for someone who is recuperating from a major surgery). U simply do not want to cloud the Essence in any way. *** Note : Just dash of everything, if U prefer a stronger intensity of an ingredient flavor, simply add a little extra of that ingredient/spice/sauce – no rocket scientific measurement here. Always taste your Seasoning !!!


  • Step 1 : Start by smashing the Chicken anyway U can. Here, The VianD pound the Chicken pieces with a pestle, crushing both the flesh and the bones. More smashed-up Chicken will allow the Essence to be extracted easier and efficiently, so… smashed the bejesus out of the Chicken..😂.
  • Step 2 : Place the Porcelain rice bowl, inverted (pict. 1) inside the large Porcelain bowl. Place the Porcelain Plate (upside down) over the rice bowl (pict. 2). The plate should fit nicely onto the large Porcelain pot/bowl, not leaving too big a gap. This will hold the Chicken away from the Essence and act as a filter to allow the Essence to be collected at the bottom.
  • Placing an inverted Plate over the Rice bowl is optional, as most don’t do it and simply place the smashed Chicken over the bowl – this will work fine. But without the plate acting as a filter, the Chicken pieces will at some point comes into contact with the Essence extracted and will be absorbed back into the Chicken, thus resulting in a less efficient extraction process. With the plate, the Chicken is completely isolated from the Essence at all time, therefore making the extraction process much much more efficient.
  • Step 3 : Place all the smashed Chicken tightly around/over the plate (pict. 1). Make sure everything is tightly packed. Cover the large pot/bowl (pict. 2, this is how it should look).
  • In a large enough Stock/Soup Pot, bring a pot of water to boil, the water level should be 3/4 to the level of the large pot/bowl when submerged – this is to ensure the boiling water don’t splash upward into the bowl, diluting the Essence. Arrange the Steaming-rack in the middle of the Stock/Soup Pot, submerge the large bowl on top (pict. 3). Check the level of water !!!
  • Cover the Stock/Soup Pot (trick – seal around the side of the lid with a damp cloth, this will help keep the steam in). Let it go fully bubbly boil for abt 5-10 mins and turn heat to medium/low and let it gently steam for 3-4 hrs. Check occasionally for the correct water level and not dry up (pict. 4).
  • Step 4 : When it is ready (after 3-4 hrs of gentle steaming), now the magic begins – the reviewing of the precious nourishing Chicken Essence..😋. Kill the heat, and let everything settle and cold down (abt 15-mins). Remove the large Porcelain bowl from the Pot, un-lid, and U should see a spread of really dry chicken (pict. 1). Remove the Chicken (pict. 2).
  • Now, don’t be alarm if U don’t see any Chicken Essence at the bottom of the bowl at this juncture..😂.., where is the precious Essence ??? Here’s the magical part, well..actually, here’s the technical explanation – once the heat was turn off, the Essence from the chicken (which was collected at the bottom of the large pot/bowl) will slip through into the rice bowl facing down. Lower air pressure inside the rice bowl will suck the Essence into the vacuum inside the inverted rice bowl. That is why you don’t see any Essence when you remove the chicken pieces, neat eh?? 😎. Btw, U can choose to discard the Chicken pieces but The VianD like to keep/fridge them for later use  – use them to prepare another pot of less concentrated Chicken’s flavor soup with a few added Veggies Ingredients.
  • Slowly, remove the inverted rice bowl and the Essence will splash out, magically review itself (pict. 3). Sieve the Essence and make sure U get every last precious drop of it. Add a pinch of Salt if U like. After 4 hrs or so of effort, U R rewarded with a bowl of precious aromatic nourishing delicious “Classic Double-Boiled Pure Chicken Essence (炖鸡精)“, to be served warm/hot.

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