Rice Cooker Hakka Baked Salted Chicken (客家盐焗鸡)

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Aromatic Delicious Tender Succulent Chicken
~*~ a classic Hakka chicken dish made simple ~*~

Ready : hr Generic : RiceCooker Difficulty : Easy
Prep : 10 mins † Cooking : 45-50 minss † Excluding Marinating ] Printable Recipe


There are quite a number of dishes among the Hakka’s cuisine that falls in the category of world renowned. “Hakka Salted Chicken” is certainly one of them. By definition, there are two families of Salted Chicken, the Baked and the “Steamed. The VianD will not bored U by reiterating the history of the dish, but if U don’t already know, U can alway google for it and it’s well-documented. Instead, here are the links to two earlier postings of The Viand’s rendition of the dish – “Hakka Yim Kuk Kai (Salt Baked Chicken/客家盐焗鸡)” and “Hakka Salted Herbal Chicken“.

Here’s The Viand’s third time of the asking, Hakka Baked Salted Chicken (客家盐焗鸡) – done in a Rice Cooker“. To be honest, The VianD has alway been very skeptical of the notion of using Rice Cooker and we’re talking about an old-fashion Rice Cooker; not the modern ones with some gazillion functions, ya? 😁 Anyway, as it turns out, the outcome was much much better than anticipated and has to admit, it really is pretty darn good !!! More importantly, it’s the simplicity with minimal effort tat really makes this cooking method outstanding without relinquishing too much authenticity of the renowned dish. Really, it is ridiculously simple – as simple as just boiling ur pot of rice, not joke !!! Anyway, try this out and U’ll see and be the judge.



  • IMG_20170525_131409Two full Kampung Chicken Thighs – thoroughly clean. Portioned for three with other dishes. A whole chicken should result in a much more succulent meat texture, so long it can fit into ur Electric Rice Cooker. Strongly recommended tat U do not use normal everyday chicken. Ur normal every day Chicken will have a softer meat texture thus less flavorful.

  • IMG_20170525_130556Herbals : Yuk Chuk (Solomon’s Seal), Kei Zi (Wolfberries), a couple of Red Dates (smashed) and Dong Quai bits (Angelica Sinensis)  – wash everything and soak for abt 10-15 mins with warm water, just to get rid of any impurities. Soak the Dong Quai bits (Angelica Sinensis) with the Shaoxing wine – just to get a more intense flavor.

  • IMG_20170525_133900Fresh Herbs : A bunch of Scallion and Parsley. Sliced Ginger and smashed Garlic.


  • IMG_20170525_125700IMG_20170525_130429Lots of Kosher/Sea Salt (no table salt pls – The VianD choose to use Smoked Sea Salt flakes). If U can’t find any kind of Sea Salt, I suppose Table Salt is not the ‘end-of-the-world‘ – just that, the Chicken won’t be as flavorful.

    Coarsely smashed White Peppercorn (White Pepper is fine).

    Garlic Powder, Brown Sugar (normal Sugar is fine).

    A tiny bit of 5-spice powder. Could be over powering.

  • IMG_20170525_130556A generous amount of Shaoxing wine with Dong Quai bits (Angelica Sinensis) soak in it. A dash of Sesame oil.

  • *** Note : Just dash of everything, if U prefer a stronger intensity of an ingredient flavor, simply add a little extra of that ingredient/spice/sauce – no rocket scientific measurement here. Always taste your Seasoning !!!


  • IMG_20170525_132827Step 1 :

    Start by marinating the Chicken with all the Marinating Ingredients for at least couple of hrs (longer marinating means better flavors). Make sure U get the  Marinate into the Chicken, use ur hand, rub them in good.

  • IMG_20170525_181858IMG_20170525_182041Step 2 :

    Lay all the Herbals and Fresh Ingredient at the bottom of the Rice Cooker; these will not only flavored the Chicken but also act as a cushion, preventing the Chicken from excessive burning.

    Making sure that the Chicken is at room temperature, place them on top of Ingredients. Actually, placing the Chicken skin-side down should be better as it will get a little burned, giving U a more intense flavor (The VianD messed up here). Pour in the rest of Marinate. Cover, ON the Cooker and let it does its magic – just like cooking rice. DO NOT uncover the lid, just let the cooker does it magic!

  • Pls be mindful if U do use a whole Chicken, U’ll have to adjust the timing, by simply – re-pressing the COOK button more than once to ensure cooking the Chicken thru. To test if the Chicken is cook properly, simply insert a tiny skewer thru the thickest part of the Chicken, clear oozing juice mean done. Oooo, place the Chicken Breast-side up.
  • Step 3 : The normal average cooking time for rice is abt 35-mins. Just let it sit in the Cooker for another 5/10-mis under Warm mode. Gently remove the Chicken and U will be left the residual of dried-up Herbs, U don’t need tat; easily discardableIMG_20170525_185451. Let the Chicken sit for another 10-15 mins or so, just to let everything settle down and easier to handle. U can chop them up to desired size or u can serve as they are, using the tearing and pulling with ur fingers traditional eating enthic..😋. Whichever way U choose, ur aromatic delicious tender succulent “Rice Cooker Hakka Baked Salted Chicken (客家盐焗鸡)” is ready to be served.

    Btw, The VianD is of an opinion that “Baked Salted Chicken”  should be a little well-cooked as oppose their close related cousins of the Steamed version or the famous “Poached Chicken” – which strives on the unique smoothness and succulent meat texture. In contrast, “Baked Salted Chicken” should be a little tough in texture and with it accompanied with a little Gelatin (from the fat/oil) stickiness..😋. This is especially prominent if U eat with ur fingers..😋.

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