Scallion/Ginger Oil Infused Wonton Noodles (Topped With Minced Pork)

Delicious Aromatic Delicately Balanced Flavors Noodles
Ready : 20 mins Generic : Blanch/Mix and Toss Difficulty : Easy
[ Prep : 10 mins † Cooking : 10 mins ] Printable Recipe

Take a moment and try to envisage the combination of a plate normal golden-yellow Wonton Noodles (without the Dark Soy), topped with flavored aromatic Minced Pork Belly and crunchy fresh Bean Sprouts, drizzled with a generous amount of impeccable Scallion/Ginger Infused Oil and garnished with Crispy Pork Lardons and fresh sliced Scallion. Can U see it??? Smell the aroma??? Salivating, yet??? No…, look below! Now, tell me…isn’t tat a thing of beauty – most appetizing plate of Noodles to ur eyes??? 😋😋😋

Original Wonton noodles are a ubiquitous soup noodle with dumplings; originated in the southern province of Guangdong (China). Whilst there are numerous dumpling noodle soups throughout China, Wonton noodle (雲吞面) is specific to Guangdong and Hong Kong. Having spread across the world, this humble noodles dish has since evolved to various versions – particular in the region of S.E.A., where a dry version in Light/Black Soy topped with sliced “Char Siew” (BBQ Pork) is very popular.

Fresh smooth thin Wonton Noodles should have a certain ‘al dente’ elasticity, an unmistakenly aromatic flavor of the Eggs and free of the soapy, lye water taste, which is a key ingredient in the noodle. First, to attain the ‘al dente’ elasticity factor is a whole story altogether – “from the Ingredients used and technique involved in making the fresh raw Noodles to the cooking’s skill and technique” – a factor, which for The VianD, deem almost un-attenable for most of us cooking at home. However, as for the flavoring factor (especially when it comes to the dry-version) – is much more in our control and can certainly be more creative in preserving the natural flavors of the Wonton Noodles. This explains why the original Wonton Noodles is only served in clean, clear soup which totally takes care of the flavoring factor.

Unfortunately, most dry Wonton Noodles being served outside these days are inundated with Dark Soy or some kind of sweet-based sauce – which undoubtedly overwhelm all the Wonton Noodle’s natural aroma and flavors. With that in mind, The VianD thought, the aromatic Scallion/Ginger Oil should do wonders…, in term of flavoring the dish. It’s clean and sooo very aromatic but yet subtle enough as not to overpower the Wonton Noodles. This is basic plain Wonton Noodles, drizzled with the impeccable Scallion/Ginger infused oil – an aromatic flavorful Condiment oil that modestly heightens the flavors of a humble plate of Wonton Noodles to whole new gastronomic level. The rest of the Condiments added are more for texture profiling and to a certain extent, helps elevates the flavors of the entire dish.

Ready in less than 20 minutes, here’s The VianD’s recipe for a plate of delicious aromatic delicately balanced flavors “Scallion/Ginger Oil Infused Wonton Noodles (Topped With Minced Pork)“.


Wonton Noodles.

 Pork Belly – hand-minced (marinated with Oyster Sauce, Light Soy, Salt, Sugar, a dash of Sesame oil and Shaoxing wine, white pepper and a pinch of Cornstarch. Optional – a small amount of Tung Choy (Preserved Vegetables).

 The all-important – lots of finely striped Scallion and Ginger – cut to about 2-inches long. 

 A handful of fresh Bean sprouts.


 Sauce – Small amount of Light Soy, a dash of Sesame Oil and White pepper.  All to taste.

** Note : Just a dash/pinch of everything, if U prefer a stronger intensity of an ingredient/spice flavor, simply add a little extra of that ingredient/spice – no rocket scientific measurement here. Always taste your Seasoning !!! The trick is NOT the exact measurement, the trick is “to taste the Seasoning” and get ur preference balance of flavors !!!


STEP 1 :

Start by sauteing some chopped Garlic till aromatic on medium/low heat. Add the minced Pork, break everything apart. Continue to saute till oil starts to render and relatively dry and aromatic. Keep aside. U can do this in advance.

STEP 2 :

 On medium/low heat, start by heating up a generous amount of oil till smoking hot. Kill the heat and add the Scallion and Ginger strips. It should sizzle. Just let them sit in the oil – allowing the infusion of flavors to work.

STEP 3 :

 Meanwhile, heat up a pot of boiling water. While waiting for the water to boil, prepare the Sauce mixture. With the water bubbling boiling, poach the Bean Sports, just for a few second, drain and set aside.

 Then poach the Wonton Noodles (well loosen to individual strand) – just for a while till ‘al dente’ (soggy Noodles are bad Noodles !!). When it starts to top float, it’s cooked – abt 2-3 mins. Quickly fish it out and then submerged into cold water (or ran thru cold tap-water) to stop it from cooking as well as getting rid of the excess starch. Then put it back into the boiling water just to warm the Noodles a little. Drain thoroughly, and mix well with the serving plate of sauce.

 Top the Noodles with the BeanSprouts, a generous amount of the Minced Pork, a little crispy Pork Lardons and drizzle generously with the Scallion/Ginger infused oil. Viola, ur plate of delicious aromatic delicately balanced flavors “Scallion/Ginger Oil Infused Wonton Noodles (Topped With Minced Pork)” is ready to be served hot.

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