Main :

  • Minced Pork – A mixture of Pork Belly and lean Pork.

Side :

    • Texture – All finely dice. Jicama, Red Chili, Onion, Scallion, Parsley, Red carrot, Ginger, Garlic and dried Shiitake mushroom (soaked in hot water till soft).
    • Binding – An Eggs, Bread crumb and Corn flour. Oh..and grated Parmesan cheese.

** Note : Just a handful of everything !!!

Seasoning :

    • Salt, Sugar, Five-spice powder and White pepper. A dash of Shaoxing wine, Sesame oil, Light soy and Oyster sauce. All to taste.

** Note : Just dash of everything, if U prefer a stronger intensity of an ingredient flavor, simply add a little extra of that ingredient/spice (no rocket scientific measurement here). Always taste your Seasoning !!!


Mix all the ingredients in a large bowl, together with the Flavouring ingredients. Get your hands dirty, dig in and mix really well. Add the Bread crumb as U go along, till U get the right consistency resembling the sticky bread dough. Fridge the mixture for awhile (allow time for the marinate to get infused). This will also help the meat to settle and ensure easy handling. When ready to shape the Meatballs, wet ur hands. Gently toss between ur palm or whatever means to form the meat into balls of abt 1-inch size – just make sure they all abt the same size to ensure even deep-frying. This can be done ahead of time. Just make sure they are in room temperature before deep-frying. Heat up a pot of oil, enough to cover the meat balls. When it starts to smoke, turn the heat to medium and gently put the meatballs (one by one) into the oil. Flip occasionally and fry for 4-5 mins or till golden brown. Dish out to metal rack/kitchen tissue to drain oil. Serve hot.



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