Print-Chinese HotPot or SteamBoat

EquipmenT & CutlerY

First and foremost, U need proper Equipment and Cutleries to fully enjoy this warm hearty Hot Pot meal with families and friends in one’s cozy home.

Basically, U need a Stove of somekind tat can heat up a pot of Soup at the dining table.



Then U’ll need a set of Cutlery for each dinner – Chopsticks, Plate, Soup bowl, Soup spoon and two kind of small Ladles – one normal and one perforated.



Soup :

  • Two chicken carcasses – chopped to small pieces and smashed, just for easy flavors extraction.
  • Red  (or white) Carrot, Onion, Ikan Bilis, Soya Beans and Tung Choy (preserved Veggie). All chopped up for easy flavors extraction.

Dipping Sauce :

  •  Just plain GOOD quality Light Soya sauce – this option will preserve the natural fresh sweetness of the Ingredients.  Thai Sriracha Hot Chili Sauce – this will give U the spicy/sourness kick.

Marinate :

  • Salt, Sugar, White Pepper, Oyster sauce, Sesame oil and Shaoxing wine.
  • A vigorously whisked Egg – give the Ingredients a little smoothness.

Dipping Sauce :

  •  Just plain GOOD quality Light Soya sauce – this option will preserve the natural fresh sweetness of the Ingredients.  Thai Sriracha Hot Chili Sauce – this will give U the spicy/sourness kick.

Condiments/Ingredients :

  • Fresh Romania Lettuce – thoroughly clean and separate leaves.
  • Stuffed Tofu and Tofu Pok. Frozen Fried Seafood Tofu and Fish Ball. Stuffed Red Chili, Okra, Brinjal, Fish Ball and Fried Fuchuk.
  • Sliced Grouper Fillet and Boneless Chicken Thigh.
  • Prawns. With whiskers and the legs removed, devein and washed thoroughly.

Start by dumping all the Soup Ingredients into a Slow-cooker. Set to High mode and let slow boil for abt 2 hrs or till everything kinda break-up and soften. Prepare extra – U can alway fridge for other cooking. Hint : Start with boiling water – this way, U will save heaps of time. When the Soup is done, sieve it and U should get a Pot of clear/clean Soup – this will be ur Soup base. Lightly season with a pinch of Salt, Sugar and White Pepper. Set aside.

Mildly marinate all the Raw Meats/Seafood with the Marinate Ingredients for a couple of hrs. Just a dash of everything.

With everything prepared and ready to go, place the HotPot in the middle of the dining table – set the heat on and let the Soup base get a head-start into boiling. It is also a good idea to have extra hot Soup base, ready to be added into the HotPot as the Soup base will evaporate with the cooking. Arrange all the Condiments/Ingredients around the HotPot. This way, everyone can have an easy reach to the HotPot. With the Soup base boiling, start adding the Condiments/Ingredients. Starts with bigger items tat takes a little longer to cook or needs to be properly cooked thru, like Prawn, Crab or Lobster. Then follow with the smaller items – this way, U’ll not end up with overcook or undone food.

It is always a good idea to start the first round of cooking by adding a bit or everything and then scope out to the communal plate for everyone to share – making sure all the salivating dinners are satisfied from the word ‘Go’..😄. After that, individual cooking (the dipping and bobbing) can begin at one’s own pace. Btw,  pls DO NOT swish/swirl your personal eating Chopstick in the broth looking for food (obviously, for hygenic reason – not to mention the absolute grossness of the action) – use the Perforated Ladle instead !!! The VianD like to call this maneuver “Chopstick Washing”  😂).

Couple of things to remember. If U are having Egg or Noodle,  add them only at the tail-end of the meal. This is bcos, these Ingredients will cloud up and even thicken a perfect pot of Soup – plus, Noodles will fill U up pretty quickly (U certainly do not want to stare at all the goodies on the table with a tummy full of Carbo, do U ? 😂).

Now, let’s see..wat else ? Ooooo.., with all the Etiquettes/Rules being said and done – at the end of the day, everyone must be comfortable !  A HotPot meal is all about family and friends getting together, cooking, eating, talking, and enjoying each other’s company over a big pot of heart-warming food, so do whatever makes you comfortable..


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