Main :

  • Choy Kon. Red Dates and Dried Oysters (both soaked in warm water) and lean Meats/Bones.

Seasoning :

  • Salt and Sugar. All to taste. ** Note : Just dash of everything, if U prefer a stronger intensity of an ingredient flavor, simply add a little extra of that ingredient/spice (no rocket scientific measurement here). Always taste your Seasoning !!!

Start by soaking the Choy Kon in water for at least a couple of hrs. Rinse and squeeze a couple of times – to get rid of the access earthly taste and dark color. It is absolutely imperative that U do this – to get rid of any sand/impurities and soften the Choy Kon. When this is done, the Choy Kon should soften and lighter in color. If this step is not done properly, U’ll get a pot of black ink soup with sandy sediment..haha. Cut into abt 2 inches length. Set aside.

Brown/sear the Meats/Bones a little. Add water and bring to boil. Skim off any bits and pieces of impurities and excess oil on the surface. Add the rest of the Ingredients and bring it to boil and simmer for at least 3-4 hrs. Seasoned with Salt and Sugar to taste. That’s it !! Your bowl of hearty warm and delicious “Choy Kon Tong” is ready to be serve hot.


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