Main :

  • Pork Ribs, trimmed of excess fat and back-membrane – cut to three-sticks per rack.
    A can of regular size classic coke

Seasoning :

  • Salt. Sugar, Black Pepper, Gula Melaka, Honey, Garlic powder and finely chopped Ginger. All to taste. ** Note : Just a dash or pinch of everything, if U prefer a stronger intensity of an ingredient flavor, simply add a little extra of that ingredient/spice (no rocket scientific measurement here). Always taste your Seasoning !!!

Start by dry-rub some Salt and Black-pepper on the Ribs. Let it sit for an hr or so.

Mix all the Marinating Ingredients and a can of Coke together, making sure everything is dissolved. Marinate the Ribs overnight.

Place the RiBs into Slow-cooker, Bone-side down – with all the Marinating Sauce. Set to High-heat and let it braise for 4-5 hrs. Flip and turn the Ribs occasionally. After 4-5 hrs of braising, gently transform the Ribs out to a rack and let it air-dry for abt 15 mins. Sieve the remaining sauce. Render it down – to a kindda of thick syrupy sauce. Set aside.

Brush the Ribs with the rendered down sauce. With a tray to catch any dripping oil/sauce, place the Ribs into a pre-heated Oven at 180C for abt 5-10 mins or till the preference of degree of charred Ribs. Brush the Ribs with the sauce a few times, this will give U that carmeralized shinny coating.

When the Ribs are done, let it sit for 15-mins. U can serve as it is or slice to individual stick. Ur Coke flavoured “Coca~Cola BBQ Ribs” is ready to be served.


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