Print-Dry Wonton Mee


Main :

  • Wonton Mee.

Side :

  • Prawn Wonton – Prawns : deshelled and deveined, cut to abt 1 inc size. Wonton skin.
    Soup – Ikan Bilis, sliced Ginger, Tung Choy and chopped Garlic.
    Condiments – Some Green Veggies and sliced BBQ pork.


Start by marinating the Prawns with finely chopped Parsley/scallion, Salt, Sugar, White pepper, Oyster sauce, a little Corn Flour and lots of Sesame oil. Mix well and fridge for 30 mins or so for better handling. After 30 mins, simply wrap the Prawn with the Wonton skin. Set aside.

Meanwhile, prepare the soup by sauteing the Soup Ingredients till aromatic. Add water, bring to boil and simmer for abt 30 mins to get the flavor. Sieve it. Season with Salt, Sugar, white pepper and a dash of Sesame oil.  Set aside.

Meanwhile, prepare the sauce for the Wonton Mee. On the serving plate add Oil, Black/Light soy, Sesame oil and White pepper. Set aside.

To serve, simply poach the  wrapped Prawn Wonton in hot boiling water –  when they float to the top , they’re cooked. Dish out and put into the Soup.

To serve, simply poach the Wonton mee (loosen) in boiling water – just for a while (soggy Mee is bad Mee !!), when it starts top float, its cooked. Quickly fish it out and then submerged into cold water to stop it from cooking as well as getting rid of the excess starch. Then put it back into the boiling just to warm the mee a little. Drain thoroughly, and mix well with the serving plate of sauce. Add the poached greens and BBQ pork slices and serve together with the Prawn Wonton soup. Serve hot.


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