Main :

  • Chicken Wings – with the tips removed and halved into drummettes and wings.

Marinating :

  • The all-important ingredients, Fermented Red Bean Curd.
  • Not in the picture – Light Soy, Sesame oil, Shao Xing wine, finely chopped Garlic/Ginger, Salt, Sugar, White Pepper and a small amount of Flour (just to give it a slight crunchy coating). All to taste. ** Note : Just dash of everything, if U prefer a stronger intensity of an ingredient flavor, simply add a little extra of that ingredient/spice (no rocket scientific measurement here). Always taste your Seasoning !!!

Marinate the Chicken Wings with the Marinating Ingredients for at least a few hours or better still over-night. Set the Wings to room temperature. Arrange the Wings on a rack and bake for 10-15 minutes each side @ 180C. Make sure U have a rack to catch the dripping oil. Viola ! Ur “OVEN BAKED NAM YUE FRIED CHICKEN WINGS” is ready to be serve.


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