Print-Pan Fried Grouper Slice (The Chinese Way)


Main :

  • One large thick slice of freshly cut Grouper – thoroughly clean. Ofcos, it’s not a sin to have more slices.. 😉 but could be relatively pricey, ya?? 😅. Marinate with some Salt, Shaoxing wine and white Pepper for at least an hr.
  • Thinly sliced Ginger strips and finely chopped Garlic.
  • Some Scallion, Parsley and sliced red Chili for garnishing

Sauce :

  • A mixture of Light and Dark soy, Sesame oil, Oyster sauce, Shaoxing wine, Brown Sugar (normal Sugar is fine), grounded Black pepper and little amount of water.
  • Thinly sliced Ginger strips and finely chopped Garlic.
  • Some Cornstarch mixture as thickening agent.
  • All to taste. ** Note : Just dash/pinch of everything, if U prefer a stronger intensity of an ingredient flavor, simply add a little extra of that ingredient/spice (no rocket scientific measurement here). Always taste your Seasoning !!!

Start by lightly coating both sides of the marinated Fish with some Corn flour (very lightly. Set aside. Heat up Pan with oil to abt half level of the Fish’s thickness (this will ensure tat the Skin will be evenly fried too.

Optional – On medium heat – firstly, quickly deep-fried a portion of the Ginger strips till crispy. Be quick and watchful, cos U certainly do not want burned Ginger strips. Dish out and set aside to drain off excess oil. This crispy Ginger strips not only act as garnishing but more importantly, really does improve the texture profile of the dish.

Next, gently lay the Fish onto the Pan and let it sit for abt 2-4 mins (depending on the heat and thickness of the Fish). DO NOT try to move or flip it during this time else the Fish will break up. After abt 2-4 mins, gently loosen the Fish, it should be easily movable. Flip the Fish and do the same on the other side. When Golden brown, take the Fish out and set aside to drain off excess oil.

Make sure the Sauce mixture is thoroughly mixed, give it a taste for ur preference balance of savory and sweetness. Set aside. Remove some of the excess oil from the Pan. On medium heat, saute the Garlic and Ginger strips till aromatic. Pour in the Sauce mixture. Let it boil for a little while – just to get the Ginger/Garlic flavor. Slowly add the Cornstarch mixture, bit by bit while continuing stirring – till U get ur preference consistency sauce thickness.

Plate the Fish, pour the Sauce over, making sure all the fish is nicely coated. Top with the crispy Ginger strips (it’s important tat U add the crispy Ginger strips after adding the Sauce else no more crispy Ginger..😭). And finally, garnish and viola, ur delicious succulent “Pan Fried Grouper Slice” is ready to be served hot.


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