Print-Scallion/Ginger Oil Wonton Mee (The Flat Wider Version)


Main :

  • Wonton Mee (in this case, its the flat wider version) – U can really use any Egg noodles.  Optional– Pork Wonton.
  • The all important – lots of finely striped Scallion, Ginger and finely chopped Garlic.


” This preparing method is basically the same as Wonton Mee. The Viand have posted two versions of this and here are the link; Dry Wonton Mee (The Flat Wider Version) and Dry Wonton Mee. U should be able to get all the cooking instructions at those two postings. Here, The VianD will just illustrate the method of preparing the Scallion/Ginger/Garlic oil. “

Start by heating a considerable amount of oil. Saute the Ginger and Garlic till aromatic and slightly golden brown in low/medium heat . Turn off the heat, add the striped Scallion, add a pinch of Salt and let it sit and sizzle for a few mins, just to draw the flavors out. Set aside.

Meanwhile, prepare the Wonton Mee as illustrated by the above two links. Important – use less dark soy and maybe omit the Sesame oil completely, as these two will/may overpower the delicate aroma and flavors of the Scallion/Ginger/Garlic oil.

When the noodles are ready, simply top/add some of the prepared oil and U r ready to go. Serve together with the Pork Wonton soup. Serve warm.


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