Main :

  • Salmon Fillet.
    Prawn – deveined and deshelled , leaving only the tail.

Side :

  • Potatoes – with skin (cut to desired block size), Asparagus, Sweet Beans and Cherry Tomatoes – optional, more for garnishing.

Seasoning :

    • Salmon Marinating – Maldon Smoked Salt (or Sea Salt), Brown Sugar, freshly ground Black Pepper, dried Basil and Thyme (fresh is fine), Garlic powder , Hoisin sauce, Honey and Teriyaki sauce (both not in image). All to taste.
      And a dash of Thai Chili sauce (or Chili powder) if U like. Always taste your Seasoning !!!
    • Prawns – Butter, lots of finely chopped Garlic, finely chopped Parsley, Salt, Sugar, a dash of Lemon Juice and freshly ground Black Pepper. All to taste.
    • Potatoes – Salt, Sugar, freshly ground Black Pepper, Chili powder (or Paprika), Curry Powder (aka Masala powder) and finely chopped Parsley. All to taste.
    • Scallops – Butter, Salt and Black pepper. All to taste.
    • Asparagus and Beans – Salt, freshly ground Black Pepper and a good splash of Olive oil (normal cooking oil is fine). All to taste.

** Note : Just dash of everything, if U prefer a stronger intensity of an ingredient flavor, simply add a little extra of that ingredient/spice (no rocket scientific measurement here). Always taste your Seasoning !!!


The tricky part of preparing this “three combinations dish” really lies on the timing of keeping each individual item warm. While each item is easy enough to cook by itself, getting them all plate together, nice warm and juicy; with only a pair of hands is nerve-racking (well, at least for the VianD)..LoL !!! So, I guess, “Organising, Timing and Efficiency” is the name of the game here.

Marinating Salmon. Mix all the Marinating Ingredients together, add more Teriyaki sauce if too dry, making sure everything is well dissolve. Marinate the Salmon – skin-side up; over-nite.
Start with Baking the Potatoes. Simply bcos, they takes the longest time to cook and not tat crucial to be served warm. First, boil (steam) the Potatoes in Salt water till half-way cook (U can poke thru but not all the way in). This step will save U much time in the baking process (or U can simply bake without this process which will obviously take longer time for the Potatoes to cook). Drain and mix all the Potatoes Ingredients in, making sure Potatoes are properly coated. Do this while the Potatoes are still hot. Lay the Potatoes evenly out in a baking-tray with a generous splash of oil. Pop it into a pre-heated Oven at 200C for about 20-mins (depending how-cooked the Potatoes are, and the size) or till they are cooked thru. Shake the tray occasionally to ensure even baking. When they are done, sprinkle the finely chopped Parsley on top. Set aside.

Steam the Asparagus and Sweet Beans – seasoned with Salt, freshly ground Black Pepper and a good splash of Olive oil (normal cooking oil is fine) for abt 5-mins. Take them off the heat and soak in Ice-water, this will help keep them green and crunchy. U don’t really need to do this, if U don’t mind slightly soggy Veggies…LoL. Set aside.

Baking the Salmon. Take the Salmon out of the marinating. Let it air-dry for a while. Make sure it’s at room temperature (out of Fridge for at least 1 hr). Meanwhile, render the Marinating sauce down in a small pan, till kinda syrupy. Keep aside, use it to brush the Salmon in its baking process. Lay the Salmon (skin-side down) on baking-rack. Make sure U oiled the rack to stop the Salmon skin from sticking. Bake for abt 15-20 mins. Brush the Salmon with the rendered down marinating-sauce a couple of times. Press the Salmon with ur finger, if it feels relatively firm, it’s done.

While waiting for The Salmon to cook, use the 15-20 mins time-frame to saute the prawns and Pan-seared the Scallops. If U can get it done in time, everything will be able to be plated and be served in the most ideal condition..LoL.Else one item or two would be a bit cold and maybe dry.

Meanwhile, season the Prawns with some Salt and freshly ground Black Pepper. Saute the finely chopped Garlic in some Butter (and a little oil, just stop the Butter from burning) till aromatic. Add the Prawns, spread evenly (making sure, every Prawn is on contact with the Pan’s hot surface). Give it a few mins, till they starts to curl, flip them. Once they starts to turn reddish, toss them, season with a little more Salt, Sugar, a dash of freshly squeezed Lemon Juice and freshly finely chopped Parsley. Toss and mix well. Done !!

Quickly move on to Pan-searing the Scallops. Season the Scallops properly with some Salt and freshly ground Black Pepper. Make sure the Scallops are dry. Heat up a non-stick Pan on high heat, add some butter. Place the Scallop one by one on the Pan. Do not move them, do not over-crowd – do it in batches if need to. Let them sit for for 2-3 mins, chk if it nicely browned and caramelized. Then flip it and let it go for another 2-/3 mins. Done !!

Plate the individual item with the Greens and Baked Potatoes. Viola,.., ur plate of “Seafood Combo (Baked Salmon, Garlic Butter Prawns & Pan-Seared Scallops)” is ready to be enjoyed.


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