Print-Steamed Grouper Slices with Ginger/Scallion/Garlic Oil


Main :

  •  A nice piece of fresh Grouper – thoroughly wash with skin intact. Slice to about one centimeter thick or any thickness U prefer.
  •  Lots of finely julienned Ginger and Scallion. Some finely chopped Garlic.
  • Light Soy, Oyster sauce, Salt, Sugar, white pepper and a dash of Sesame oil and Shaoxing Wine. A pinch of Cornflour.
  • A mixture of Light Soy, Oyster Sauce, Sugar and a dash of Sesame oil, Shaoxing Wine and White Pepper with a little water.

Start by marinating the Fish Slices with all the Marinate Ingredients for at least an hour.

With the Fish at room temperature, gently lay the slices in a slightly deepened plate. Sprinkle 3/4 of the Ginger on top. On hight heat, steam for abt 3-5 mins depending on the heat and thickness of the slices.

Meanwhile, saute the finely chopped Garlic and the remainder of the Ginger til Golden brown.

When the Fish is done, pour the Sauce mixture over. Sprinkle sliced Scallion on top. Pour hot Garlic/Ginger over the Scallion. Viola, ur plate of delicate tender delicious “Steamed Grouper Sliced with Ginger/Scallion/Garlic Oil” is ready to be served HOT !


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