Print-Stir-Fried Sweet Potato Leaves (Sambal)


Main :

  • A huge bunch of Sweet Potato Leaves – cos they do wilt down a bit after cooking. Pluck only the top tender shoots – abt 4-inches from the top. Optional – if time permits, remove the outer skin of the stem – simply by gently breaking the stem and pulling pull along the side and U should get rid of somekind of skin-membrane, discard that (this membrane is wat causes the stringiness). However, if u have the tender shoots, there should not be too much stringiness. Soak and wash and drain thoroughly.
  • Sambal  – Click for Sambal recipe.

On medium/low heat with a little oil and scope a large spoonful of the prepared Sambal and saute till aromatic. U prefer a more intense flavor, add more !

Crank up the heat, toss in the Sweet Potato Leaves and stir constantly to mix and blend everything well – abt 1-2 mins or until the leaves starts to wilt. Add a tiny bit of water if too dry (seriously, just a tiny amount, U do not want soggy Sweet Potato Leaves). The VianD is of the opinion tat the lack of intense heat with a home stove is really the culprit in not getting this dish stir-fry properly.

Plate and viola, ur plate of quick and simple economical delicious  “Stir-Fried Sweet Potato Leaves (Sambal)” is ready to be served hot.




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