Main :

  • Chicken – trimed off excess fat, chopped to bite size.

Side :

  • Lots of sliced Ginger and and Scallion (cut to 1bt 2-inches long). Sliced Chilli and Carrot – more for color. And a little Cornstarch mixture as thickening agent (if U want).

Seasoning :

  • Light soy, Oyster sauce, Sugar, Salt, white Pepper. A touch of Sesame oil and Shaoxing wine. All to taste. ** Note : Just dash of everything, if U prefer a stronger intensity of an ingredient flavor, simply add a little extra of that ingredient/spice (no rocket scientific measurement here). Always taste your Seasoning !!!

Saute sliced Ginger and some shopped garlic till aromatic. Add the chicken and saute on high heat, mix well till the chicken turn whitish. Add water just abt to cover the chicken. Bring to boil and let it simmer for abt 10 minutes or till sauce slightly thicken. Add the Seasoning Ingredient and the rest of the Side Ingredients. If U want, U can add a little of Cornstarch mixture to thicken the sauce. Plate and serve hot with plain rice.



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